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Why Puskas Award voting proves fans should have no say in awards
17:00 Saturday 6th October 2018

Humility can make one popular. In turn, popularity can deliver unexpected benefits. Going into the FIFA “Best Awards” ceremony, not many, as in pretty much no one, expected Mohamed Salah to be a prime contender for the reputed Puskas…

2017 FIFA Puskas Award: the deserving contenders
09:30 Tuesday 26th September 2017

Recently, I went on a rant about how the FIFA Puskas Award is unfair and an agreement as to which goal is the best in a 12 month period is wholly subjective to whoever is voting. In stark contrast, here are some of 2017's best strikes that…

Is The Puskas Award Unfair?
10:30 Saturday 9th September 2017

No one will ever agree on the greatest goal of all time. This is footballing fact. Even to name one goal per year, as the Puskas Award does, is impossible. Some fans admire long range thunderbolts. Others prefer meticulously crafted team strikes.…