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World Cup
Forget possession stats; Counterattack rules Russia 2018
15:30 Monday 9th July 2018

The end is in sight. The most anticipated and publicized football event on the planet is reaching its zenith. What will you do with your life after next week? Oh, right, the transfer window. This has been a World Cup that has lived…

Premier League
Victory over Watford proves Mourinho remains Mourinho
09:00 Thursday 30th November 2017

Call me crazy, but I don’t always take the same route to and from the office. Since I work on the computer I don’t even go to the office. Sometimes it’s the library. Other times it’s my local grocer’s atrium.…

Is Counterattack Secretly The Best Tactic?
10:00 Tuesday 19th September 2017

Jose Mourinho says 'five at the back' is not how you win. Instead, it's how you contain, frustrate, then nick a goal from an opponent on the counterattack. The Portuguese's post-match comments on Sunday were a little too honest, even for the…

Champions League
Counterattack is football's populist movement
15:55 Saturday 3rd June 2017

The Leave Campaign's victory in the Brexit referendum, Donald Trump gaining the White House, and the legitimacy afforded Marine Le Pen in the French elections highlight populism's global revival. This week, President Trump withdrew the United…