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Lee Nicholson
An avid reader and follower of football at all levels. Always hoping that Leeds Utd will rise again once more from the ashes. Holds an emotional attachment to the progress of AFC Bournemouth. Love to analyse, talk and write about the beautiful game.

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Club Ownership: A big problem that is getting bigger
10:30 Wednesday 10th May 2017

They say at the end of the season, the table doesn't lie. That's true, the best team wins the championship in whichever league they play. The three worst teams go down and suffer relegation. However, the tables does not  explain the underlying…

Professional referees need our help
11:30 Monday 8th May 2017

When we were young and realised we didn't have enough ability to make it as a professional footballer, what became a second choice career? I know I didn't, but did any of you think about putting on a black kit, grabbing a whistle, pocketing…

England National Team
Will AFCON influence the summer transfer window?
15:00 Friday 5th May 2017

On July 1st, 2017, the summer transfer market window opens for English clubs. As per normal, we find ourselves amid speculation and rumours, both exciting and frightening. Before the window opens, supporters have worked out how many and exactly…