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Why Manchester United need to change their transfer policy

Friday 10th May 2019

There's no getting away from it. If you want to amend mistakes and atone for errors, change is a necessity. Over the last five years, Manchester United have been in gradual decline and in 2018/19 it all came to a head.

Eventually, the underlying issues will catch up with you. Jose Mourinho learned that the hard way as he was made the fall-guy for half a decade's worth of trouble. Although the self-proclaimed Special One wasn't completely free from blame, we're now well aware that the problems at Old Trafford run far deeper than the manager.

Transfers and dressing room harmony is what it all boils down to. We're talking about highly-driven, egotistical human beings and as soon as you upset the proverbial applecart, trouble is just around the corner. United's recent mantra has been to splash the cash on marquee names and then worrying about where they'll fit in later. Angel di Maria failed, Alexis Sanchez is arguably the Red Devils' worst signing ever, while the jury is still out on the mercurial Frenchman, Paul Pogba.

Their huge wages, awful demeanour and care-free attitude has only brought trouble. You get the feeling that the dressing room is more divided than ever, they don't want to play for each other, their effort levels are, quite frankly, embarrassing. It's no coincidence that the top teams in the country are the most hard-working. Their players, simply put, just want it more than we do. That's the real shame in it all for United. What a fall from grace from a once flawless club.

As the old saying goes, 'no player is bigger than the club'. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been tasked with bringing that ideology to light. Toxicity-levels are at an all-time high and It'll probably take several transfer windows to get this squad feeling completely care-free, but United have to make the correct signings.

Thankfully, it feels as though the Baby Faced Assassin is moving in the right direction if United's proposed move for Swansea City's Daniel James turns out to be the truth. No doubt Reds fans will be hoping he can have a similar impact to that of Andy Robertson at Liverpool, but again, patience is required.

Since Sir Alex Ferguson called it a day this club has completely lost its identity. It's about rediscovering values. I can count Sir Alex Ferguson's big-name, marquee signings on one hand, yet the amount of up-and-coming youngsters the great Scot brought to the Theatre of Dreams is probably a three-digit figure. In a panic to remain relevant, United have moved away from the norm and it cost them dearly but all hope is not lost.

We're still talking about the biggest club in the country here, they're still an attractive proposition but change must happen quickly if they're to get back on top - or they risk wallowing away in mid-table for the best part of a decade. Edward Woodward needs to start trusting in his manager's choices rather than thinking he knows what's best for the club on the football side of things. Honestly, he should stick to sorting out United with a new grass sponsor or something, while allowing the people who've made a career within the dressing room to do what they do best...

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