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Wenger, Ozil & Sanchez deserve to be sacked - not given new contracts

Tuesday 21st February 2017
Arsenal's 3 wise men that hold the key to their successes this campaign are Arsene Wenger (obviously), Alexis Sanchez & Mesut Ozil. Fans,  pundits and players alike are all adamant that Sanchez & Ozil HAVE to be given new contracts as they have 18 months left to go in order for The Gunners to remain a top club and have success in the future.

Wenger's support is at an all-time low after the Bayern Munich 5-1 mauling but he still has a contract offer on the table. None of these men deserve to be given new deals based on this season and if anything, Wenger, Ozil & Sanchez deserve to be sacked.
Arsenal have just got past non-league Sutton in the FA Cup, hoorah, but this season is turning into the same old Arsenal as they are not in any realistic chance of winning the title and after Bayern finish them off in their Champions League 2nd leg tie, Arsenal will have been dumped out of that competition at the last 16 round for the 7th season in a row. SEVENTH.

The main reason for another season of disappointment isn't down to not having a decent goalkeeper, they have solved that long term issue with Cech. It isn't down to not having a decent defence, they have solved that long term issue with adding Mustafi to play alongside Koscielny. The issue is the attitude of their key men. Ozil and Sanchez's attitudes have been a total disgrace this season and what is worse, Wenger has done nothing about it.

I don't know if it's a case of Wenger can't see how Sanchez and Ozil are disrespecting the club, their fellow players and the manager himself or whether he does see it but does know or is willing to resolve it. Either way, blind or weak, the manager deserves to be finally let go of being responsible for how the first-team performs as he clearly isn't up to the job anymore. It wouldn't take any new manager to see and put an end to these players' disgusting attitude as it doesn't take a psychological and body language expert to figure out these two players are taking the club for a ride. Albeit in 2 very different distinctive ways.

Sanchez has been throwing hissy fits left, right and centre, whenever he can, to show the whole world and his dog how 'unhappy' he is at his teammate's failings whenever they drop points, play poorly or even just don't pass him the ball. He even makes sure the cameras pick up his tantrums whenever he is sat on the bench because 'he doesn't like it'. Because he 'wants to play'. The fact is this 'star man' has been pathetic ever since the January transfer window opened. What the cameras don't pick up is before games this season he doesn't bother warming up with his teammate's because he thinks he is above them or because he can't be bothered. He would rather just kick the ball into the net a few times, on his own, like a spoilt 10-year-old boy. Arsenal shouldn't bother giving him a new contract, they need to be selling this bad egg for as much money as possible.

Ozil is almost the polar opposite to Sanchez but still has a disgraceful attitude towards Arsenal Football Club, his team, fans and manager.
Game after game he lazily wanders around the pitch, totally disregarding his own job to at least work hard and try to make things happen whether the team are playing well or not. How this player can walk around and watch the opposition sprint by him and towards his defence is shocking. It doesn't matter how good you are on the ball, the very least every player in the world whether it be Sunday league or Champions League is to put in a shift and do his bit for the team. The rest can take care of itself. Much like Sanchez who is a rotten egg in that dressing room, Ozil is a total liability and should be sold in the same manner as his Chilean counterpart, for as much money as you can get.

As for Wenger, his time is well and truly up. Not because he hasn't spent money or picks the wrong team, it's because he allows players to have the disgraceful attitude some of his players have but yet he does nothing about it and still plays these players every week. If Arsenal wants to be successful in the future they need to cut all ties with these 3 and bring in fresh blood.

Wenger is blind, Ozil is pathetic and Sanchez is a rotten egg. Arsenal have to get rid.
Ginger Pirlo
Football Writer since 2011. Professional Football Analyst. Premier League In-stadium Data Operator. Qualified FA Coach currently Level 2. TheGingerPirlo.com. @ToonBano

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