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Huddersfield Town need to give Jan Siewert time to build

Monday 29th April 2019

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For Huddersfield Town fans, their two Premier League seasons were completely contrasting. David Wagner pulled off the impossible last term by keeping The Terriers in the Premier League. This campaign, Town have shown their true colours, wallowing away at the bottom of the table, in with a shot of breaking some unwanting records...

Eventually, that cost Wagner his job. The Huddersfield fans were grateful for the incredible work the German did with the Yorkshire side, but the timing was right, the Borussia Dortmund II manager simply had to go. Somewhat fittingly, another former Dortmund II manager was given the job; Jan Siewert. Aged 36 and doing relatively well over in Germany, Dean Hoyle was hoping that lightning would strike twice, there was a glimmer of hope that Huddersfield could pull off the impossible and survive. That wasn't meant to be, if I'm being brutally honest, Town went down without a fight which must've been a bitter pill to swallow for their faithful supporters.

As for Siewert, he would have understood what he was getting himself into. This was going to be a monumental task, in all likelihood, it was always going to be about pre-planning for life back in the Championship with the hope of an immediate bounce back to the big-time. What Siewert has seen so far must be discomforting, to say the least. A mediocre win percentage of just 9% has meant he has actually fared worse than his predecessor. Talk about uninspiring...

But, little 'ol Town were already defying all the odds. After all, this was probably the squad with the least talent in the Premier League. In their first term back in the top division they largely relied on effort, intensity and team spirit. That can easily begin to dwindle with a string of sub-par performances. With all that said, Siewert needs to be given time.

In the mega-money era that football finds itself in today, football is often about the quick-fix, but as we've seen from the more patient clubs amongst us, fighting through the tough times and sticking with your man can be beneficial. Look at what Tottenham Hotspur are doing with Mauricio Pochettino on a shoe-string budget, while Sean Dyche and Chris Hughton are other fine examples at Burnley and Brighton respectively.

Dropping down to the Championship can be viewed both negatively and positively. Huddersfield's top players like Aaron Mooy will probably look to move away at the first possible opportunity, while the lower quality of football is an excellent learning curve for stars of the future like Phillip Billing. I guess the major issue with English football's second-tier is competitiveness. Every single week you're in an absolute dogfight for three points, if Town can cope with those pressures, I don't see why they cannot come back to the top-flight at the first possible opportunity.

It all comes down to Hoyle. Siewert will have a clear ideology and identity that he'll work hard over the summer to implement. He'll have a fresh start, a full pre-season and transfer window to show his worth. If the German can show enough, then he'll persuade his chairman to keep the faith in him. There will be ups and downs, there could be some initial growing pains, but it's all about belief, confidence and faith. With some money to spend from the Premier League parachute payments, Huddersfield will be in a far better position financially than their rivals, they just have to back their man and spend it wisely...

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