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Ben Foster says Watford supporters must straighten out their priorities

Saturday 27th April 2019
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Ben Foster can’t believe the nerve of some Watford fans. Scheduling events on FA Cup Final day? What is wrong with these people?

The Hornets goalkeeper responded with incredulity when asked what Sir Elton John should do about a Copenhagen concert that was booked for May 18th, ages ago, possibly even before the FA announced the date for the Wembley match.

The singer once served as club chairman and is now an honourary club president. A stand at Vicarage Road is dedicated to him. More than most supporters, the Rocket Man has a right to say Watford is his club.

Foster's advice to Sir Elton makes sense in that context.

It’s no dilemma. He should cancel now.

Danish fans would surely understand. The singer can reschedule the concert if he chooses. Mads Mikkelsen can hop on his bike and pedal around the city like Paul Revere, letting everyone know the piano legend isn’t coming, he isn't coming. That would only be proper.

Of course, postponing would be costly. The logistics involved in setting up and tearing down a concert stage, carting instruments and equipment, etc , demands sizable manpower. Gathering everyone together for a one-off show at a later date would be even more expensive. Throw in the arena’s cancellation fee, and the total bill will be eyepopping. I guess that’s why they call it the blues.

Of course, a true fan would think nothing of the cost and inconvenience. The club must come first. Even before the music. When all is said and done, Elton can look back on the matter and say, “I’m still standing.” After all, he has more money than Godsmack.

Watford may not be able to echo the sentiment when Manchester City are through with them. They don’t have the horses to run with Raheem Sterling, Sergio Aguero, Kevin de Bruyne if the Belgian is healthy, Leroy Sane and the Silvas David and Bernardo. Then again, that’s the circle of life.

Perhaps he can make a friendly bet with the Gallagher brothers. The feuding siblings who once formed the nucleus of Oasis are known to be City fans. If Watford pulls off the upset, Liam and Noel can reunite to perform the opening number with him at the make-up date in Copenhagen, ‘The Bitch is Back’. Let them sort out just who the bitch is later.

That only leaves one question unanswered. In what circles does Ben Foster travel? The former United No.1 backed up his argument that Sir Elton should cancel his show to be at Wembley by dragging his friends into the conversation.

I have loads of people I know who have weddings for that day and stuff. It is their own fault. Don’t book a wedding in the summer for Cup final day.

Foster is 36. He is married with two children. How many single people does he know? And forget the odds of Watford making the FA Cup Final. Why did they all book weddings [and stuff] on the same day? They’re friends. Don’t they talk to each other? There’s no other explanation. They must all be Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters.

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